Elegant venetian villa of late 12┬░century

Domus Dotti V, as can be seen also from the observation of Gothic characters of its architecture such as the warheads and pointed windows,is one of the most beautiful and significant Venetian Villas that were built with the formation of the district "Conegliano Novello "the beginning of the thirteenth century.

The palace was the residence of the noble family of Dotto, which - among other things - hence the actual place names and street Dotti.Firstborn of the Dotto family was the wife of the painter Paolo Caliari (Veronese) remembered as a woman of rare beauty: so much so that the Veronese wanted his wife was the model for the Magdalene in the altarpiece of the "Noli Me Tangere" . The artwork, which depicts the risen Christ appearing to Mary Magdalene is still exposed on the high altar of the church of the same name is St. Mary Magdalene in Treviso.


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